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lunedì 15 febbraio 2010

Macchina portatile per scansione superfice nano

Nanosurf extends its easyScan 2 product line with the FlexAFM. With its electromagnetically actuated, flexure-based XY-scanner technology combined with a piezo-based Z-scanner, the FlexAFM offers highly linear, ultra-flat, and fast scanning performance, while at the same time providing Lateral Force and liquid measurement capabilities to its users.
Nanosurf's renowned "ease of use" has been implemented consistently in the new FlexAFM scan head. The result is the most versatile and flexible AFM ever. Whether you want to operate the FlexAFM in air or in liquid environments, it makes no difference to you as a user. This is true flexibility!
System setup and operation have remained simple and straightforward. Hook up the scan head to the easyScan 2 controller, connect the USB cable to your computer, start the software, and you’re ready to go — in minutes!
The FlexAFM sample stage provides an easy way to positionand approach samples of various thickness and type. Even samples in liquid containers, such as standard Petri dishes, fit on the sample stage and can be accessed by the FlexAFM without any hassle. At the same time, three leveling screws on the FlexAFM scan head maintain the scan head’s capability to perform stand-alone measurements without sample stage.
The heart of the FlexAFM system, the "Liquid Ready" easyScan 2 controller, is as affordable and individually configurable as ever. All easyScan 2 modules and options (including previous easyScan 2 AFM and STM scan heads) are fully compatible, conferring even more versatility to your FlexAFM system.
Key Features & Benefits
  • True measurement flexibility in air and in liquid
  • Flat, linear, and fast scanning thanks to the flexure-based scanner technology
  • More measurement versatility with the FlexAFM’s liquid capabilities and added Lateral Force mode
  • No more laser adjustment because of SureAlign™ optics
  • Easy sample positioning and approach thanks to a clear top and side view in air and liquid
  • Quick setup, easy handling, and immediate results because of Nanosurf’s “ease of use” concept and design

Nanosurf easyScan 2 FlexAFM

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