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Nikola Tesla

lunedì 15 febbraio 2010

Macchina per analisi

The Hiden SIMS Workstation has been developed with strong interaction with those used to performing SIMS analyses for both contract service work and research in many fields of analysis.
The philosophy of design has been simple, to produce a proper SIMS analysis instrument which combines high sensitivity, flexibility and ease of operation, but also to make it cost effective both in terms of capital and ongoing costs.
The Hiden SIMS Workstation has achieved these aims, being the only mid-priced instrument to incorporate both oxygen and caesium ion guns – a necessity for general analysis. It provides a true UHV environment, flexible loadlock and sample handling system. The embedded SNMS facility ensures that the tool covers the full analytical concentration range, from ppm through to 100% bulk and the data system means that valuable results are easily stored and exported to other applications. It is easy enough to configure for production line analysis, yet will provide the dedicated research professional with a tool limited only by imagination.
Key features of The Hiden SIMS Workstation include:

  • Rapid turnaround of all types of samples
  • Static and dynamic SIMS
  • Integral ioniser for SNMS and RGA
  • Choice of Ion guns
  • SNMS surface mapping / imaging
  • Surface contamination analysis
  • Quantification of matrix level by SNMS
  • Flexible and upgradeable configuration

Hiden Analytical SIMS Workstation with MAXIM Analyser

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